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MISSIONARY GOWNS, MUU MUU, HOLOMU, HOLOKU, and PAKE MUU. The missionaries forever changed the landscape of Hawaii, especially the dress of the local women, persuading them to wear loosely fitting gowns reaching from the neck to the ankles with long sleeves. Later the casual floral printed muu muu was born. Variations of this dress in the form of the pake muu, the Holomu and Holoku followed. The Aloha Shirt Museum & Boutique has a stunning collection of these dramatic and elegant gowns.


Popular Hawaiian dress styles from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are still favorites today! Muumuu's, sarong dresses, sheaths, spaghetti straps and sun dresses are always in fashion on sandy beaches everywhere. The Aloha Shirt Museum & Boutique embraces the romance of these relaxed fun in the sun fashions and has the latest styles and repro prints available.

'40'sSpectacular Night-blooming Cereus border print designed Pake Muu.








“Talk Story”: This magnificent border print dress is in mint condition. A masterpiece!

Fabric: High quality silky
Color: Red background /yellow/turquoise/cobalt

Size: M to L
Price: $ 3,200.-

1940's Ginger print Pake muu dress


“Talk Story”: This is a classic Pake muu dress designed by famous Aloha dress Designer Alfred Shaheen of Honolulu.

Fabric: High quality silk/Rayon.

Color: background green

Size: M/L

Price: $ 3,200.-

Gorgeous Coco Palm design from the '40's.

“Talk Story” This is a beautiful Pake muu dress with a red blackground. A true classic!

Fabric: High quality silky.Color:Red background /white//black

Size: S

Price: $ 950.-

'Papaya' Design

Fabric: High quality “Cold” Rayon.

Color: Black background yellow/green/red

Sizes: S

Price: $ 1,250.-

Breadfruit 'Ulu' design from the '40's.

“Talk Story”: This Pake muu dress is in perfect condition.



Fabric: High quality “Cold” Rayon.

Color: Green background red/chartreuse/purple

Size: M

Price: $ 975.- 



“Talk Story”:

Fabric: High quality “Cold” Rayon.

Color: Yellow background /white/red/green

Size: M

Price: $ 2,200.-

Every antique dress has different measurements other then being S, M, L, XL ans XXL. For those who need accurate lenght and width measurements, call us at the store; 808-875 1308, and we'll give you the scoop. We highly recommend that you stricktly hand wash your Antique Hawaiian Dress in luke warm water. Wearing an Antique Hawaiian Dress anywhere in the world sends a powerful message to everyone you come in contact with. It says that you not only WEAR ALOHA but you LIVE ALOHA!


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